"Super Connie"
Lockheed US Navy NC-121K Super Constellation

Based on the triumphant Constellation which emerged from World War II, the longer and bigger Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation became the top airliner of the propeller age.

Military Super Connies served as cargo and VIP transports, airborne radar stations and reconnaissance craft. One of the most colorful versions was the US Navy NC-121K "Paisano Dos" (Friend No 2) which was part of the Navy's Project Magnet. From 1951 through 1994, the US Navy, under its Project Magnet program continuously collected aeromagnetic survey data to support the research into the nature of the Earth's magnetic field. It is widely suspected that this carefully unpublicized program may have been a worldwide operation intended to detect the existence of and effects of UFO's.

Finished in glorious white and orange color scheme and carrying the "Road Runner" cartoon character on the nose, this painting shows "Paisano Dos" mapping magnetic forces above the Pacific Ocean before being retired in May 1973.