Classic Aircraft Corporation’s WACO YMF-5 Super

WACO (Weaver Aircraft Company) was founded in 1920 in Lorain, Ohio. For the next 26 years, the name WACO would be associated with a popular line of versatile open-cockpit and cabin biplanes.

The WACO YMF three-seat biplane was originally produced in 1934/1935 and was unquestionably regarded as one of the finest open cockpit sport aircraft of that “golden age” of aviation.

During WWII, production of civil aircraft was suspended while the company built assembles for a variety of military aircraft and manufactured the well-known CG4-A troop-carrying gliders.

WACO ceased producing aircraft in 1946. Production was re-established in 1986 by the WACO Classic Airplane Corp. of Battle Creek, Michigan. The first aircraft built were the YMF-5 Classic and later the YMF-5 Super.

In this painting a YMF-5 Super is parked with a spectacular view of flying acrobatics as appeared in September, 2007 at the Columbus, Ohio Rickenbacker Airport during the ‘Gathering of Mustangs and Legends’ air show.