"California Clipper"
Boeing 314 Clipper

Pan American Airways introduced the Boeing 314 Clipper in 1939. The Clipper spanned oceans in the golden age of the flying-boat when air travel was a luxury for a privileged few. When it began hauling passengers, the Clippers were the world's largest production airliners. The 314 Clippers ushered in new standards in range and speed, as well as passenger comfort. During World War II, the Clippers served with both the US Army and Navy and in support of the war effort in North Africa with the British (BOAC). By 1946, when Pan Am made their last Clipper flight, faster land planes had rendered the majestic "boats" obsolete. Pan AM sold the Clippers to World Airways, who used them on Caribbean routes until the early 1950s, at which time they were scrapped.

NC 18602 'California Clipper' pictured in this painting was the second 314 delivered to Pan American Airways. During World War II it served with the US Army and Navy.