"Sunday Punch"
North American B-25J Mitchell

In the late 1930s, the US Army was looking for a medium bomber. North American’s response was the NA-40, which developed into the B-25 Mitchell. It was one of the most widely used aircraft of World War II. The B-25 entered USAAF service in 1941 and was in action until the end of the war, but this type will forever be known as the aircraft that carried out the April 1942 Doolittle raid against Tokyo.

In this painting, inspired by the 1940’s art of Alexander Leydenfrost, is the B-25J ‘Sunday Punch’. Charging in at low level, this twin-engine bomber was one of the most terrifying sights of World War II. Sunday Punch, piloted by Capt. Richard Robinson, 82nd Bomb Squadron, 12th Bomb Group, was one of only a handful of ‘solid-nosed’ B-25J’s to see service with the 12th Bomb Group in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations (MTO).